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Morganic Movement's Core Offering is Body MATH

What is Body M.A.T.H.?









As the earth body we live on calls for reclamation & restoration,

so do our human bodies. 


Together, let’s (re)learn the cool shit about your body that you wish you had learned in school. The body-based knowledge that actually applies to your day-to-day capacity to survive and thrive through this chaotic and tumultuous time in history.


MorganicMovement is a practical and profound access point for central body knowledge & movement practices necessary to create co-liberated relationships.


By undoing the disconnection and dissonance that has created the strategically-curated inorganic chaos we’re in, we can co-create a more resilient collective.

One breath at a time, our bodies hold the key to our co-liberation. 

We need our bodies.
Our bodies need us.



MorganicMovement is a co-created community learning experience for badass caregivers, parents, health workers, and community builders who are teetering on overwhelm, and are in deep desire of co-liberatory relationships.

Together is our only way through.

MorganicMovement activates the intersection of our bodies’ brilliance with ways of moving in an organic relationship with our interconnected nervous- and eco-systems.

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We Can Do This By:

Identifying the body patterns we’ve adaptively downloaded. Moving into an understanding relationship with the patterns.

Building neurological and relational patterns of breath and movement, that tone and tune our nervous systems to be in a presently authentic and balanced relationship with each other.

Trusting that our work is a rinse & repeat situation of rest & sustainable practice.

Our behavior is shaped and reinforced by three mathematical principles:




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We must hone these skills in order to effectively change systems.


The base of the word math comes from the Greek word “to learn.”

In Latin, mathematica is art. We are learning body-based math as a reclamation process so that we can use it for our benefit instead of our detriment. 

This is creative MATHematics for co-liberation.

For right-brained emotionally-attuned people, learning the math of our relational labor activates the structures of our left-brain, thus inviting our whole brain & nervous system on board. MATH makes the relational & intuitive , measurable & replicable.

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Restoration is MATH dependent.
Reparations are MATH dependent.

All neurological, relational and cultural wounds have different rates of healing & every breath counts.  Most of us have tried to heal too quickly or superficially.

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  • You’re motivated to cultivate a relationship between your body and brain.

  • Your nervous system feels tapped out or exhausted. 

  • You’re burnt out in your role(s) of service but want to healthfully stay in the game/your calling for the long haul

  • You desire a more resourced relationship with your body while surviving interlocking systems of oppression

  • You want to unlearn & learn in community with people dedicated to co-liberation

Green Forest

The most sustainable speed for co-liberation is determined by our bodies’ shared neurological capacities. MATH designs an authentic rate of change necessary for co-liberation.

BODY math is centered on learning measurable and mapable functions of our bodies and brains, in order to move within, our neurological capacity and our fullest potential, for building co-liberated relationships.

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Still Got Questions?
Let's co-create the answers.

Have Questions you'd like to ask about my approach? Let's schedule a chat and see how I can assist you on your movement and healing path.

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